Lt. Ehren Watada

On June 07, 2006, Lt. Ehren Watada became the first commissioned US military officer to publicly refuse deployment to Iraq. "I have a legal and ethical obligation to speak out against, and refuse to fight, this patently illegal war in Iraq." For comprehensive information on Lt. Watada and to offer support, see

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27 August 2006

"Inouye agrees with court-martial for Watada; The senator says he is not 'too happy' with the Army officer," by Greg Small, Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Associated Press), 27 August 06.

26 August 2006

"Watada could face 7 years in prison," by Hal Bernton, Seattle Times, 26 August 06.

25 August 2006

"Army officer recommending trial for Watada; Iraq war resister faces 3 charges; report likely today," Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Associated Press), 25 August 06.

18 August 2006

"Putting the Iraq War on Trial; An army officer who refused duty in Iraq goes to court with a novel argument: he had a duty to disobey because the war is illegal," by Eli Sanders, TIME, 18 August 06.

17 August 2006

"Lt. Watada pre-trial hearing succeeds in putting Iraq war on trial," by Jeff Paterson of Not in Our Name, published with photos at San Francisco Bay Area IMC.
    “This case is really about the duty of individual soldiers to look at the facts and fulfill their obligation to national and international law.” --Attorney Eric Seitz
"Hearing today for soldier who refused to deploy," by Melanthia Mitchell, Seattle Times [Associated Press], 17 August 06. Versions of this article were reported by Salon, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Houston Chronicle, News Review (OR).

"Soldier who wouldn't deploy faces court," by Melanthia Mitchell, San Jose Mercury News [Associated Press], 17 August 06.

"Hearings to open on 'no Iraq' officer; Fort Lewis panel to decide if Watada faces court-martial," By Mike Barber, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 17 August 06.

16 August 2006

An estimated 300 people from Washington, Oregon and California converged at the entrance to Ft. Lewis today to support Lt. Watada.


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15 August 2006

"Lt. Watada's Mother Asks For Your Support," by Carolyn Ho, Truthout, 15 August 06.

12 August 2006

Watada speech at Veterans For Peace National Convention 12 Aug 06, as reported by Dahr Jamail. Video Part I, Part II by Sari Gelzer for Truthout.

11 August 2006

"Hearing set for deployment refuser," by Michelle Tan, Army Times 11 August 06.
    "The Article 32 begins at 9 a.m. Aug. 17. It is open to the public."
10 August 2006

"Rally planned before Watada hearing," by Rod Ohira, Honolulu Advertiser, 10 August 2006.
    "Eric Seitz, Watada's attorney, said the Army rejected offers by his client to give up his commission and serve in another combat zone, such as Afghanistan. Watada was also willing to accept a reprimand, fine and reduction in rank instead of facing court-martial but that also was rejected, said Seitz.

    "They're not interested in avoiding confrontation," Seitz said. "I expect a referral to court-martial."
"Watada not allowed to resign," Army Times 10 August 06.

August 2006

"Lt. Ehren Watada," by A.V. Crofts, Colors NW Magazine cover story, August 2006.

07 July 06

"Watada, the War and the Law," by Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith, The Nation, 07 July 06.

06 July 06

"Army charges Lt. Watada with contempt towards president; Faces over seven years military prison,", 06 July 06. [archived]

"Fort Lewis soldier charged," by Katherine Tam, The Olympian, 06 July 06.

"Army charges could bring prison time for Iraq war resister," by Michael Gilbert, The News Tribune, 06 July 06.

Redacted charge sheet, US Army, published by The News Tribune 06 July 06.

"US Army officer charged for refusing deployment to 'unlawful' Iraq war," by Jaime Jansen, Jurist 06 July 06.

05 July 06

"Army to charge officer for refusing Iraq deployment," The Olympian, 05 July 06.

"Charges brought against officer," US Army Press Release, 05 July 06.

"Charge sheet lists charges and specifications," US Army Press Release, 05 July 06.

30 June 06

"Lt. Watada's War Against the War," by Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith, (via AlterNet), 30 June 06.

29 June 06

"Watada Refuses Deployment to Iraq, is Detained; Support for Nikkei Army Lieutenant Opposing War Grows," by Ben Hamamoto, Nichi Bei Times, 29 June 06.

28 June 06

"A Brief History: Military Resistance," by Zoltan Grossman, Counterpunch, 28 June 06.

27 June 06

On this National Day of Action in support of Lt. Watada, individuals and members of Not in Our Name, Olympia Movement for Justice & Peace, Stand Up Seattle, Veterans For Peace, and others rallied at the entrance to Ft. Lewis.

Lt. Watada's parents with Phan Nguyen 1 2

25 June 06

Olympians, joined by Lt. Watada's parents, gathered today on the 4th Avenue bridge to express our support for Lt. Watada!

June 25

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Watada Poster
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"Dishonorable discharge, not prison, for Watada," Seattle Times Editorial, 25 June 06.

24 June 06

Supporters of Lt. Watada from Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and other communities throughout Western Washington converged today on Ft. Lewis's DuPont I-5 overpass with banners, flags, signs—and enthusiasm. See photos.

23 June 06

"3rd Brigade departs for Iraq; Watada refuses to go; Soldier says war is illegal," by Christian Hill, The Olympian, 23 June 06.

"Unit gets ready for Iraq -- without Watada; War resister makes good on promise," by Mike Barber, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 23 June 06.

"Brigade leaves objector behind; Stryker unit deploys to Iraq as dissenting Fort Lewis lieutenant stays," by Adam Kyn, Tacoma News Tribune, 23 June 2006.

22 June 06

"Lieutenant Watada Refused Iraq Deployment Orders Today," by Sarah Olson, Truthout, 22 June 06.
    Lt. Watada's mother, Carolyn Ho: "My son's decision to refrain from deploying to Iraq is an act of patriotism. It is a statement to all Americans, to men and women in uniform, that they need not remain silent out of fear - that they have the power to turn the tide of history, to stop the destruction of a country and the killing of untold numbers of innocent men, women and children. It is a message that states unequivocally that blindly following orders is no longer an option."
A Letter from Ehren's Mom

"Lt. Ehren Watada fulfills pledge to refuse illegal Iraq deployment; Under confinement without charge," Press Release, 22 June 06.

"Fort Lewis lieutenant refuses deployment orders," US Army Press Release, 22 June 06.

16 June 06

"Soldier's duty: Say no to illegal war," by Michael Honey, Seattle Post Intelligencer, 16 June 06.

08 June 06

"Military attempts to stop Lt. Watada from speaking against illegal war." Press Advisory,, 09 June 06: The US Army moves to prosecute Lt. Watada for protected speech.

07 June 06


Statement of Lt. Ehren Watada, 07 June 08.

"Army Lieutenant Becomes First Commissioned Officer to Refuse Deployment to Iraq," Democracy Now! With Amy Goodman, 08 June 06. [Video]

SYNOPSIS: Lt. Ehren Watada's June 7 press conference in Tacoma, WA, by Mark Jensen, United For Peace Pierce County (UFPPC), 08 June 2006.

"First Officer Announces Refusal to Deploy to Iraq," interview by Sarah Olson, 07 June 06.

"Fort Lewis officer on decision: 'I have no regrets'," by Hal Bernton, Seattle Times, 08 June 06: The Lt. said his participation in the war "would make me a party to war crimes."

"Not going, and not going quietly; Soldier against Iraq war won't seek objector status," by Sam Skolnik and Carol Smith, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 08 June 06: "He joined the military after the Iraq war began, believing that the Mideast nation had weapons of mass destruction and was linked to al-Qaida. 'I did not believe at that time that the president would betray the trust of the American people.'"

"US army officer refuses Iraq tour," Reuters, reported by Aljazeera, 08 June 06.

"Fort Lewis statement regarding 1st Lt. Ehren Watada," US Army Press Release, 07 June 06.

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