"Cultivating Sustainable Movements"

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) and the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace (OMJP) enthusiastically invite you to this special event on SATURDAY JUNE 29, 2002. We have designed it carefully to meet the needs of activists and other persons concerned about current issues.

Please (1) Mark your calendars now; (2) Pre-register by e-mail or phone; (3) Invite other individuals and organizations anywhere in Western Washington or as far south as Portland; (4) Print out this page and distribute copies of widely; and (5) Share this news release with suitable publications.

The title of Mr. Olympia has now been contested for 43 editions. These editions of the contest have been in the months of September, October and November in the different years and venues that it has been held inn these 43 years. To profile the Mr. Olympia title, this article will establish a trend of growth in the organization and popularity of the title based on two factors. The first determinant factor is the venues in which the title has been contested while the second factor is the number of contestants who have competed ion the various editions of the title contest.

As will be exemplified hereunder, the title has now ventured to the cities outside the US, after building a good repute and gaining considerable support. Secondly contestants have continued to increase per edition of the contest as compared to the pioneer editions where it was a contest between a few body builders over and over again.

For the past 43 editions of the Mr. Olympia title contests, 27 of them been have in the US. To the east of the Mississippi River, it has been held for a whooping 18 editions, 10 in New York alone. Columbus has hosted 6 editions while Atlanta, Georgia has been a venue of 3 editions of the contest. Chicago in Illinois has had a two time honor of hosting Mr. Olympia while Orlando, Florida has had the honor for once. To the west of the Mississippi River, the US has hosted 9 Mr. Olympia editions, 2 times in Los Angeles and an amazing 7 times in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has actually been the venue for the last seven consecutive Mr. Olympia Title contests.

Oversea venues of the Mr. Olympia title have been staged all across Europe and once in Australia. Among the cities which had had the honor, Paris in France, Pretoria in South Africa, Sydney in Australia, Munich in Germany, Essen in Germany, London in England, Rimini in Italy, Brussels in Belgium, Gutenberg in Sweden and Helsinki in Finland.

Besides the cities that have hosted the Mr. Olympia title contest, a notable trend can also been noted in the number of contestants that have entered as competitors in various contests. For the initial nine titles which were staged from the year 1965 to the year 1973, the average number of competitors was either 3 or 4 for each contest. In 1965 we had 3 contestants, in 1966 they increased to 4, in 1967 the same 4 contested, in 1968 there was only a single contestant, in 1969 they increased to 3, in 1970 the same 3 contested, but in 1971 only a single contestant took the dais, in 1972 the highest number so far (5) contested while in 1973 the number dropped to 3.

In the five years stretching from 1974 through 1979, there were two classes of competitors for the Mr. Olympia title. One class was for body builders weighing less than 200 pounds while the second class was for body builders weighing over 200 pounds. That is why, probably that is, the number of participating contestants increased to an average of 10 per edition, in these five years.


"Cultivating Sustainable Movements"

Workshop & Picnic Saturday June 29

Let's Strengthen the Movements for Peace, Social Justice,

Human Rights, Fair Economics, and Environmental Quality!

Mural, Mexico; Click for larger picture.
    Everyone working for peace, social justice, human rights, fair economics, and environmental quality is invited to the "Cultivating Sustainable Movements" workshop & picnic to strengthen these movements. It will be held at the Old Madison School, 8th & Central, east of downtown Olympia, on Saturday June 29.
Mural from Mexico. Click for larger picture.

Registration, refreshments and social time will begin at 11:00 a.m. At 12:00 noon sharp a series of large and small group activities will allow participants to generate insights and opportunities for strengthening these progressive movements for the long haul. Mid-afternoon will feature a "partially potluck picnic" and many concurrent activities (some lightly programmed and some spontaneous), networking, and leisurely conversations. Several upbeat activities will complete the event, ending at 5:30 p.m.

"These are difficult times to be working for peace and fairness at either the global or local level," said Glen Anderson, one of the event's organizers. "A lot of people see so many kinds of violence and injustice that they feel overwhelmed and powerless. The "Cultivating Sustainable Movements" workshop addresses that concern head-on. This workshop will help participants work together across movements and devise ways to make real progress."

Pre-registration is encouraged so the organizers can prepare the facilities, supplies, food and free childcare. Please contact 491-9093 or with the number in your party. Simple potluck items for the mid-afternoon picnic are invited but not required. Voluntary sliding-scale donations will cover costs.

The event is co-sponsored by the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) and the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace (OMJP). For information call Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093 or Rachel Corrie at (360) 753-1794.


Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation
5015 15th Ave SE, Lacey WA 98503-2723
Information: Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093
Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace
c/o MII, PO Box 7204, Olympia WA 98507-7204
Information: Rachel Corrie (360) 753-1794

Old Madison School
812 Central St
8th & Central
Olympia, WA

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