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Port of Olympia
Port 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Emergency Community Forum on Police Response to Port Demonstrations
Tonight (Sunday, November 11)
6:30 pm
Traditions Cafe

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today activists were attacked by police—pepper-sprayed, shoved, thrown, dragged, struck with batons—after shutting down military transports out of the Port of Olympia yesterday. At least 12 were arrested. See Port 2007 for articles, videos and press releases covering local resistance to militarization of our port this week.

However, in the current position, it seems that it's hard. For instance, within a certain community, there is not any peace there as there is not any respect among many folks. The speed of crime is higher and there are many who are into harlotry. Or, put simply, there's world peace once states and also people are content, and are also prepared to cooperate with each other. Also, they must feel protected continually. Definitely, everybody ought to find out whether she is in serenity or alternatively. For example a particular person does not know the why he dislikes someone, and he consistently quarrel with this person regardless of whether there is no reason. he's not peace with somebody else as well as himself in the way that he is having a difficulty understanding why he despises the individual. There's what's known as domestic violence and once this is present, then there'll be no peace. Hence how's world peace purchased then? Can folk experience it? The answer : naturally. Some are awfully tough regarding their rules and some had remitted peace education to be included in their curriculum. Additionally, if only states can steer clear of war, then it's going to be way easier to reach worldwide peace. Nevertheless in the current's eventuality, war actually is inescapable. Local states, which should be buddies, are even having a conflict. United States , being the number one organisation in the entire world, also performs a great part in the purchase of world peace. It is inside their duty to keep up peace and order among states. Nevertheless the distressing thing is, not every countries are members of UN. There are 1 or 2 that aren't, just because they really do not like to work with other states. Nonetheless the ones that are not members of UN will be fighting once they might have an issue, as there is not any one who will help them.

Press Release 11/10, Olympia Port Militarization Resistance

Baird Watch Blog Launched
August, 2007

US Rep Brian Baird, who originally opposed the authorization for war on Iraq, now advocates keeping troops in Iraq. “I think we're making real progress" [The Olympian].

His constituents disagree. Baird faced an angry crowd at a recent "Town Hall" meeting in Vancouver, and Olympia voters are staging protests at his local office.

"'The surge is working,' Baird told folks in his first town-hall meeting since his change of heart...What came next was one of the most severe tongue-lashings I've ever seen administered to a public official, at least face to face...Six hundred people — from veterans to teachers, from a Columbia River boat captain to a lady who plays bagpipes at soldier funerals — spent nearly four hours castigating Baird."


Brian Baird, D-Vancouver, is the US Representative for the 3rd Congressional District covering southwestern Washington State from Olympia to the Oregon border.

Bring Our Troops Home Now!
Fund People's Needs Not the War Machine!
Rally & March
Saturday, March 24th
12:00 noon
Sylvester Park

March to Port of Olympia - Begins: 12:45
Second Rally at Port of Olympia 1:45-2:15

Sponsored by Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, Veterans for Peace (Rachel Corrie Chapter), the Green Party of South Sound, Olympia CISPES, and Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Port of Tacoma
March 02, 2007

The Army began shipping Styker vehicles through the Port of Tacoma in preparation for the "surge" deployment of soldiers to Iraq. See Port 2007 for information and updates.

Olympia City Council to consider resolution calling for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Olympia City Council Chambers
900 Plum St. SE
Text of resolution

The meeting includes a public comment period during which members of the public may be allotted up to three minutes each to speak. The sign-up sheet to comment will be available in the foyer about 6:30PM.

Watada Court Martial

See or for full schedule of events.

February 06-09 (Tues-Fri) or until court martial ends
Daily vigil at I-5 exit 119 outside Ft. Lewis, 4-5:30PM
Bring signs, banners, hope and resistance.
Called by Tacoma Puppetistas, Courage to Resist, Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace.

Monday, February 05, 2007

9:30am  Lt. Ehren Watada Court Martial begins
11:30am  Events, Rally Outside Fort Lewis, I-5 Exit 119
11:30am  Student Rally with Iraq Veterans Against the War
12:30pm  Vigil outside the Gates of Fort Lewis with IVAW
1:30pm  Street Theater, Giant Puppets, Spoken word, DJ's
3pm  Watada Campaign Rally
4-6pm  Vigil outside the Gates of Fort Lewis

Citizens' Hearing on the Legality of US Actions in Iraq: The Case of Lt Ehren Watada
January 20-21, 2007
The Evergreen State College
1210 6th Ave
Tacoma, Washington

Lt WatadaJoin us to hear the testimony of international experts on the legality of this war, and the experiences of soldiers and those most affected by the war.



directions | map

Speakers: Denis Halliday, Former UN Assistant Secretary General; Daniel Ellsberg, Military analyst, released the Pentagon Papers in the Vietnam War; Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University; Antonia Juhasz, Policy analyst, author on U.S. economic policies in Iraq; John Burroughs, Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy Executive Director; Benjamin G. Davis, Assoc. Prof. of Law, University of Toledo; Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law at Univ. of Illinois (video); Marjorie Cohn, National Lawyers Guild President (video); Ann Wright, Retired Army Colonel and State Department official; Darrell Anderson, Army 1st Armored Division in Baghdad & Najaf; Harvey Tharp, Former U.S. Navy Lieutenant and JAG stationed in Iraq; Geoffrey Millard, Army National Guard; Dennis Kyne, Army medic & drill sergeant; Chanan Suarez-Diaz, Navy hospital corpsman; Stacy Bannerman, Military Families Speak Out advisory board; Eman Khammas, Iraqi human rights advocate (video).

Suzanne Swift Support Rally
Wednesday January 03
11:30 AM
I-5 Exit 119

Specialist Suzanne Swift went AWOL to escape repeated sexual assault by her superior officers. While she was held in the brig at Bangor Naval Base, her perpetrators remained free. Our latest information is that she will be transferred to Ft. Lewis on Jan 03. Therefore we will rally outside Ft. Lewis. Carpools will leave the Martin Way Park & Ride in Lacey at 11:00 AM and the West Olympia parking lot at Harrison & Division (Grocery Outlet) at 10:30 AM. Organized by South Sound Project for Military Resistance and Justice. See

Stop the War: Support War Resisters
January—February 2011

Jan 03 Press conference in Tacoma
Jan 04 Vigil/protest @ Exit 119
Jan 04-05 Pre-trial hearing for Lt. Watada
Jan 20-21 Iraq war tribunal, TESC Tacoma
Feb 01 Press conference preceding court martial
Feb 03 Nationwide vigil
Feb 05 Rally at Exit 119
Feb 05 Watada court martial

Lt. Watada Support Rally
Thursday January 04
8:00 to 11:00 AM
Fort Lewis, I-5 exit 119

Join Lt. Watada's supporters including military families, veterans, youth and students, people of color, workers, religious communities and activists to rally at the gates of Ft. Lewis for a peaceful non-violent demonstration. Speakers will include Bob Watada, Ehren Watada's father; Sara Rich, Suzanne Swift's mother; members of Iraq Veterans Against the War; and others. See link for further information.

another world is possible . . .

A Duty to Disobey All Unlawful Orders


Lt Ehren Watada

Nazis In Olympia

Nuclear Free Olympia


Project for the New American Century

Resources for Soldiers & Their Families

US Dept of Peace

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